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About Us

Zed Media is an innovative film and television production company based in Queensland, Australia dedicated to producing compelling content for audiences in Australia and around the world.  We specialise in high-quality, natural history, historical, current affairs, adventure and cultural documentaries as well as narrative projects including features.

The crew at Zed Media are driven by passion, a sense of adventure and continuous innovation.  Our focus on the most interesting aspects of a project, while ensuring our subjects are explored with depth and sensitivity, allows us to engage with the broadest possible audience without descending into gimmickry.

Our company philosophy is to seek out remarkable and little-known stories from our past and present, while keeping an eye fixed firmly on the future.  This philosophy is reflected in our range of projects currently under development – from historical and underwater documentaries to features and television drama series.  

Zed Media also offers a variety of services and equipment rental such as EFP equipment, to in-depth historical research to lighting camera operator


                                     Our People

Tony Turner – CEO






As an internationally recognised authority in commercial diving Tony brings years of experience and business acumen to Zed Media.

Aside from a wealth of knowledge in the commercial diving industry and hyperbaric medicine Tony also has great knowledge and interest in WW2 special operations.

That interest stems from the service of his Uncle Bert Turner who served with the 1st Independent Commando Company in New Guinea during WW2.

It was because of that family connection with the Commandos that Tony formed the production company (Zed Media) with a plan to tell escapades of WW2 Australian Special Operations including the incredible story of Bert Turner.

Interestingly Tony also spent time in the Australian Army as does his son today.

Tony’s objective is to create TV series to honour Australia’s WW2 special operations groups such as Z Special Unit (SRD), the Independent Commando Companys and the Coastwatchers/M Special Unit.


Lionel Aitken – Producer

Lions the WW2 POW

Lions has over 25 years’ experience working in the film industry from documentaries to international features in Australia and overseas.  During those 25 years+ his career has been vast and varied, from acting and stunt work in feature films to dive supervising and DOPing for TVCs, drama series and documentaries.

A mutual interest in Australia’s WW2 special operations led to friendship with Tony Turner and the development of the documentary series based on Z Special Unit.

Lions is family man and an accomplished diver and a musician,whenever possible he devotes his limited spare time organising charity events.

In 2013 Lionel was nominated in the Australian of the Year awards for his various charitable endeavours and his efforts on behalf of the Z Special Unit veterans.